Welcome to Dar’s Fiber Cafe

I’m Dar .
I’m a Quilter.
Nuff said . . .for now.
I’ve been a professional longarm quilter for 16+ years. www.darslongarmquilting.com

In my previous BQL (Before Quilting Life) — when there was still an inch of space in the house that didn’t have fabric or some quilt related something in it — I was a graphic designer and web developer. And then I was abducted by gypsies and sold to space aliens who forced me to take up quilting and buy lots and lots of fabric to save the planet Earth. You’re welcome.

Or you could read my bio and get the rest of the story.

I quietly began my quilting journey as a traditional quilter. I made a log cabin block and I was hooked. I learned all about quarter-inch seams, which way to press them unless you have to press them the other way,  how to both ignore and annoy the quilting police at the very same time, and how to close my rotary cutter when I wasn’t using it — followed closely by how to get blood out of fabric with Peroxide. But I digress. Probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned on my journey so far — is to NEVER say NEVER. The more you learn – the more your quilting tastes will change. Like the fabric in your stash that you had to have several yards of 3 years ago and now you fear you will set your eyeballs on fire if you look at it too long or admit that you own it. Yes – change is a good thing.

So what’s this blog about?
This blog is a place to learn and laugh and share our various fiber addictions.

Off the top of my curly head I would imagine some of my topics will include:

  • Dyeing fabric in the Ball canning jars you bought to put salad in but didn’t
  • UFO rehab – re-wiring a UFO to make it fun again
  • Exploring color in your projects and understanding the impact of color value
  • Redefining “how do I quilt this” to be a fun question and not a migraine headache
  • Adding embellishment to your project like embroidery, sashiko and beading
  • Pumping new life into tired fabric with stencils, stamps and found objects
  • Adding dimension to your applique with a touch of watercolor pastels
  • Finding inspiration everywhere

Trust me when I say I never know what will be brewing in my next cup — so drop on by and we’ll all take a look together! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!
See you at the Cafe!!




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